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February 15, 2010


I love doing this, I got the idea from The Secret I think, cool to hear someone else share their experience with it. The difficulty I've found is in maintaining focus on the positives. After a couple years practice, I've found that since I began focusing on the things I love and am interested in, rather than just gratitude as goal, I tend to have so much more gratitude. I guess our natural desires and interests serve us well, and help us to maintain that attitude of gratitude. As an example, I've always deeply cared about and am passionate about environmental issues, so now I write a blog but some of these issues. I just published a new post about a couple easy changes we can make to get the ball rolling on going green one choice at a time. Check it out if you like:

Sometimes (usually?) it's a case of consciously coming back to it when we drift away. The more you come back to it, the more it becomes a habit. I think it's unrealistic to expect that life won't knock you off track with it from time to time. The key is recognizing when that happens and saying, "Oh yeah, I need to get back to it."

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